Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Four Suicide Bombings Kill 175 in Iraq

They keep telling yourself "the surge is working" but the facts certainly don't support the rhetoric.
Four suicide bombers struck nearly simultaneously at communities of a small Kurdish sect in northwestern Iraq late Tuesday, killing at least 175 people and wounding 200 more, Iraqi military and local officials said.

The death toll was the highest in a concerted attack since Nov. 23, when 215 people were killed by mortar fire and five car bombs in Baghdad's Shiite Muslim enclave of Sadr City. And it was most vicious attack yet against the Yazidis, an ancient religious community in the region whose members are considered infidels by some Muslims.

The bombings came as extremists staged other bold attacks: leveling a key bridge outside Baghdad and abducting five officials from an Oil Ministry compound in the capital in a raid using gunmen dressed as security officers. Nine U.S. soldiers also were reported killed, including five in a helicopter crash.
The amount of death and destruction in Iraq is staggering and to think we chose this war. Idiot boy had a score to settle and our dead soldiers and the scores of dead Iraqis are collateral damage from his vendetta.

The United States has opened Pandora's Box in Iraq and it doesn't appear that box will be shut anytime soon. We poured the gasoline and lit the match and destroyed our standing in the world in the process. Unfortunately even if the U.S. was to end the occupation the civil strife would continue. Again I must reiterate that elections have consequences and electing this worthless fool as President will have reverberations long after he has left office and gone back to his ranch to ride his bike.

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