Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Income Inequality In Asia Is Growing

Income inequality in emerging Asia is heading towards Latin American levels.

Brazil has long been considered the country with the greatest disparity between rich and poor. It seems they may some new competition from China. While the divide has been shrinking in Brazil for the past decade, it has been growing in China and the two countries may actually now have the same divide between rich and poor.

I decided to write about this story because the death of the middle class is not just happening in America. We must examine the role of the multi-national corporations and their endless quest for ever greater profits. It will take worldwide action to stop this growing and very dangerous trend.


Larry said...

This is a worldwide trend that is part of destroying the middle class to make way for the ultimate neocon dream of a New World Order.

Jeff said...

Yes it is. If you could help spread the word about my site I would be very appreciative.