Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arkansas Senators Support Demand for DoJ Investigation of Tim Griffin's 2004 RNC 'Vote Caging'

Following up on a letter sent to the DoJ on Monday by Democratic Senators Kennedy (MA) and Whitehouse (RI) demanding an investigation into the vote caging activities of former RNC/Bush-Cheney '04 operative, former Karl Rove protégé, and now former US Attorney from Arkansas, Tim Griffin, senators from his home state have announced their support of such a probe.

This is a very important story to read. It gives the real background of what happened in 2004 and how so many were kept from voting by this tactic called "caging".

The one thing to remember is that "Caging" is a felony and was most likely carried out by the RNC. Here is a link to the actual caging list. As you can see from this picture all of those on the list are from the Naval Station in Jacksonville. This was a deliberate attempt to stop soldiers from voting.

I can not think of a single more disgusting thing then sending them off to war to supposedly defend democracy then doing anything they can to stop them from exercising their right to vote. Is there anyone reading this that still thinks these people should not be in jail?

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