Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nader May Run Again in 2008

Ralph Nader, who parlayed Democratic fury at him in 2000 into utter disdain in 2004, says he may get into the 2008 presidential race.
He is waiting until the fall to decide. He says his decision will hinge on whether he can round up enough volunteers and pro bono lawyers to get him on the ballot in the 50 states over what he expects will be widespread opposition from Democrats.
Any respect I had for Ralph Nader dissolved in 2000 when he did not follow through on his promise and did keep himself on the ballot in hotly contested states. It was this broken promise that has given us George W. Bush.

This is America and he has every right to run but he knows he can not win. Hopefully those that supported him back in 2000 would never make the same mistake again. Enough already Ralph, take your toys and go home. No one wants to play with you anymore.

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