Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Taliban Leader Had Been in Afghan Custody; Released in Hostage Deal

Do you remember all the times that President Bush has stated that we do not negotiate with terrorists? Well this would seem to dispute that.
The Taliban military commander who led the "graduation ceremony" for 300 suicide bombers was one of five men released from an Afghanistan prison earlier this year in exchange for a kidnapped Italian Journalist.
The Government of Afghanistan would never have released this man without the express consent of our government.

Remember that when the first bombing happens in NYC, Montreal, Berlin or London. Our policies have made us more vulnerable to attack. The War in Iraq took the focus away from a mad man like this and Osama Bin Laden so that our oil companies could get their hands on the reserves of Iraq. This is criminal, truly criminal.

If there is another attack on United States soil will people rally around the President or will they rightly blame him for letting Osama and his henchmen go?

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