Tuesday, June 19, 2007

White House Aides' E-Mail Records Gone

E-mail records are missing for 51 of the 88 White House officials who had electronic message accounts with the Republican National Committee, the House Oversight Committee said Monday.
The Bush administration may have committed ``extensive'' violations of a law requiring that certain records be preserved, said the committee's Democratic chairman, adding that the panel will deepen its probe into the use of political e-mail accounts.

The committee's interim report said the number of White House officials who had RNC e-mail accounts, and the number of messages they sent and received, were more extensive than previously realized.
The administration has said that about 50 White House officials had RNC e-mail accounts during Bush's presidency. But the House committee found at least 88.
This report cites "excessive" violations of law. Why has a special prosecutor not been called for? Why are the rules so different for this administration? Do you remember when candidate George W. Bush promised to restore honor and dignity to the White House?

This is the most corrupt administration in my lifetime and I was alive for Nixon. This President needs to be impeached and removed from office. I know that the likelihood of that is remote but impeachment, which is just an indictment, is more than possible in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives.

Shouldn't we demand impeachment if for no other reason than to show the world that the rule of law is important to the citizens of the United States and that no one is exempt?

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