Thursday, June 21, 2007

Taliban 'shifting focus to Kabul'

The Taleban in Afghanistan are changing their tactics to mount more attacks on the capital, Kabul, a spokesman for the militant group has told the BBC.
The spokesman, Zabiyullah Mujahed, said Taleban were recovering after Nato had infiltrated the group and killed some of its leaders.

But more people were volunteering to carry out suicide bombings, he said.
This is the result of a failed policy that thought a war in Iraq was more important than actually destroying the group that attacked us on 9/11. Now the world has lost respect for the United States and would be less willing to help us stabilize Afghanistan.
Correspondents say that the south of the country has this year seen the worst violence since the Taleban were ousted from power in 2001 by an international coalition.
During the 2004 election John Kerry pointed out the situation in Afghanistan when he said that we had taken our eye off the ball. The media proceeded to trash him instead of doing their job and validating what he was saying. This led to his defeat and the current mess in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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